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  • Coronavirus Relief & Aid for Small Businesses
    During this uncertain time, I know many small business owners and entrepreneurs are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the unknown. Not only do entrepreneurs worry about how the COVID-19 situation will hurt their businesses, but they also feel concerned about their employees. Indeed, the coronavirus has turned our world upside down. Fortunately, federal, state, [...] […]
  • SBA Paycheck Protection Program: Loan FAQs for Small Business
    What is the Paycheck Protection Program? The Paycheck Protection Program (also referred to as PPP) is a loan that provides an incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. It's designed to help small businesses as they react to COVID-19 and manage the fallout from the Coronavirus crisis. How Much Can [...] […]
  • How the COVID-19 and the CARES Act Affects Your Small Business and Employees
    As the coronavirus continues to disrupt every part of our daily business operations, keeping your business running and employees safe means dealing with scenarios you’ve most likely never come up against before. At this writing, not all states have instituted “stay-at-home” policies. But things are changing rapidly, so be sure to follow the news [...] […]
  • What Employers Need to Know About Sick Leave During the Coronavirus Crisis
    Employers across the nation are feeling the pressure to keep their businesses up and running and profitable during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re concerned about hunting down alternate suppliers or keeping employees and customers safe from contamination, there’s a lot on business owners’ plates at the moment. We know staying on top of [...] […]
  • A Guide to Filing a North Carolina Annual Report
    Filing a North Carolina annual report is a yearly activity that is required to maintain your company's registration as a legal entity in the state. It contains information about the company and is due whether or not the entity is actively conducting business. Only when an entity has been officially dissolved (closed) does it [...] […]
  • When Personal Liability Protection Doesn’t Work for Corporations and LLCs
    Did you structure your business as a corporation or LLC for limited liability protections? For most scenarios the extra filing requirements, paperwork and fees are worth it—your personal liability protection helps make sure your assets are protected from the business’s debts and legal issues. And that goes for the corporation’s shareholders and LLC members, [...] […]
  • Do You Need an LLC or S Corp When Purchasing Rental Property?
    So, you want to be a landlord? Here’s what to know about setting up a rental property business and protecting it with an LLC or S Corp. Whether you want to purchase property to rent out on Airbnb or you want to lease office space, it’s important to understand that how you structure the [...] […]
  • We’re Here to Help During COVID-19!
    There is no higher priority for CorpNet than the safety of our clients, our partners, and our employees! With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being such a dominant topic in the media and in the workplace, Phil and I wanted to make sure you know we are here to help you and your business stay in [...] […]
  • Does Your Business Have to File a Georgia Annual Report by April 1st?
    Business entities that are registered with Georgia's Office of the Secretary of State must file a Georgia annual report each year. The due date for filing Georgia's annual report is April 1st. What is an Annual Report? The correct terminology for an annual report is actually "annual registration." However, many people refer to it [...] […]
  • Secretary of State Annual Report Deadlines: A State-by-State List for LLCs and Corporations
    Wondering if you need to submit a Secretary of State Annual Report and when it’s due? This state-by-state list will help you prepare and stay in compliance. The post Secretary of State Annual Report Deadlines: A State-by-State List for LLCs and Corporations appeared first on CorpNet.